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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1. What Service do we provide?
Answer: VolumeEmailing.com provides a free service for Email Marketing, Bulk/Mass/Volume EMailing.
2. What are the charges for registration?
Answer: Registration with VolumeEmailing is absolutely free.
3. How many email contacts one can add in a list?
Answer: There is no limit on adding contacts. You can add as many contacts as you want.
4. Can I have multiple lists of EmailIds?
Answer: There is no limit on number of Lists. You can create as many Lists as you want.
5. Can I create multiple users under same account?
Answer: You can create multiple users under the same account. But only the first one will have admin privileges. Only Admins can Add New Users, Add/Delete Lists, Add/Delete EmailIds from Lists, or View Lists. A standard user under your account can send emails to a list but can't see or change the emailIds in the list.
6. How many times one can send emails to group with free registration?
Answer: There is no limit on sending emails.
7. How frequently one can send emails?
Answer: Free User can send emails once in 24 hrs.
8. Can I upload emailids in bulk?
Answer: Yes you can add EmailIds in bulk using csv file upload. The format of the CSV file is as below. The separator is comma (,).
9. Do you support Unsubscribing feature
Answer: Yes, we abide by CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, all emails are sent by automatically attaching Unsubscribing link. You don't have to include unsubscribing link in your message, we do it for you automatically.
10. Any Restrictions?
Answer: Please use your corporate EmailId for registration (No hotmail, yahoo, gmail or any other free email account for registration). You need to modify SPF records of your corporate mail Server to add VolumeEmailing.com as a valid email sender for your domain. Starting Jan 01, 2016, these restrictions would be mandated.

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